WWA4 (formerly Good Ol Days) is one of the top ranked coed wrestling schools in the world. We are the largest pro wrestling school in the US, and we have great trainers on staff who have worked with all the top federations, from the WWE to the WCW, and the TNA to AWA. We are dedicated to what we consider the best of wrestling--pro style wrestling that's good, clean fun and high adrenaline excitement for people of any age.

Some wrestling schools are designed to make you marketable as something other than a legitimate wrestler. Not WWA4! We'll make sure that you have the business knowledge, the physical skills, the microphone and camera training, and the fitness background that you will need to make it on pure talent and training.

Both male and female wrestlers have come out of WWA4 and gone on to huge success in wrestling all around the world. Sonny Siaki, Prime Time Elix Skipper, Mark Jindrak, Chuck Palumbo, and AJ Styles are all among the men who have trained and wrestled with WWA4. Fierce women like Lady Diana and Desire also got their start with us.

WWA4 has the best deals on training in the industry. For $990, you can have unlimited access to classes four days a week and to our gym for 24 months.  If you start with our home Schooling CDs or Wrestling Camp, the cost of that program will be deducted from your tuition, and will also guarantee you a place on our training roster. Don't hesitate--call us to find out how you can train to be a professional wrestler today!
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Want to join a professional wrestling school and get into professional wrestling? Then WWA4 Atlanta Pro Wrestling School may be for you. The Atlanta Pro Wrestling School is rated the best wrestling school in the World It is listed among the top professional wrestling schools on, The Rock Says list of pro wrestling schools, DNM, Spinebuster, NWL, Google, Alltheweb, AltaVista, AOL, Yahoo and others. WWA4 Pro Wrestling School in Atlanta teaches men, and women, and has replaced the Power Plant as the largest professional wrestling school in the USA and has brought in dozens of pro wrestlers. In addition WCW, WWE, and TNA are using many wrestling gimmicks from our professional wrestling schools. While other wrestling schools may teach wrestling a few hours a week, WWA4 teaches wrestling,and does wrestling matches almost every day of the week. .