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NEWJACK is the most famous hardcore wrestler that ever lived. He's won almost every title, and he brings the roof down with with four story leaps through tables. NewJack wrestled at WWA4 and trains with us when he is in town. But NewJack is not just a great wrestler. He can also grab a microphone an get the total attention of the crowd. TIP: It is just as important to practice your mic skills as your moves. 
In 1998 at a WWA4 show NewJack was beating Notorious Dog, a well known Indy and WWA4 wrestler.

A fan ran out of the audience, jumped on NewJack's back and hit NewJack in the face.

That is not a smart thing to do, and NewJack tossed the attacker off. Moments later the guys wife who couldn't have weighed more than 90 pounds also jumped onto NewJack's back.  She bounced off and landed on the floor.
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She was laying on the floor acting as though she were injured, Her husband came to me and said, "Don't worry I would never sue you.

When someone says they won't sue you, watch out. Acouple of weeks later we received a lawyer letter threatening to sue us for $6,000,000. I told him where to put his threats.

We gave him a video proving that his client attacked NewJack, but the lawyer didn't care. He figured that if he badgered us enough we would fold and pay him something. But there was no way I was going to pay that lying ambulence chaser.

The law suit went on for years.

Finally we won. But getting sued is always expensive and never fun.
And even if you are totally innocent, a judge or jury can decide against you.

So if you ever run a promotion make sure you are insulated against fans and lawyers and wrestlers trying to cash in on you:

Some of the things you can do to insulate yourself are:
1. Incorporate your company.
2. Video the entire show, date it, and and get some one to sign 
        and witness that there were no injuries or incidents. And save 
   it for at least 3 years ... Or whatever the State requires.
3. Have barriers between the show and the fans.
4. Have waivers for all participants.
5. When you pay out the wrestlers and crew have them sign a
        receipt that also states there were no injuries or incidents.
6. On the waivers and receipts have them include Accurate
        names and addresses and phones ... and a parent's name and
        address and phone in case you have to find them later.
7. Keep a pile of afidavit fors handy that can be signed by
   witnesses in case anything happens that can be the basis for
        a lawsuit.
8. Keep a calendar that lists the dates and locations of every
        show you do. So if somebody tries to sue y ou later you can
        ask for a letter stating what happened and when and where
        and what time, and to list people who were there and
        witnessed it.

Hopefully you will never have to use any of this, but if you do,
    you will be at a tremendous advantage.

Also, if a lawyer phones and asks questions, tell him to put it in
    writing ... but do not tell him anything.