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Hardbody Harrison was with WCW and WWA4 in the 90s.

He recruited the first wave of WCW wrestlers for WWA4 and was instrumental in WWA4's startup.

Hardbody was a good promoter and started his own very successful promotion.

Later he teamed up with WWA4 for about a year and they did shows and training together.
Hardbody lived up to his name and was always in spectacular shape. Even in  his 40s he can do wind sprints with athletes in their 20s and he runs them into the ground.

In addition to wrestling Hardbody ran tough man shows and was very successful until they were outlawed it in Georgia.

He recruited "DaBeast" now cryme tyme of WWE. Later he brought Da Beast to WWA4. After Hardbody left, Da Beast was trained by Sarge of the PowerPlant and WWA4.

Hardbody became Fox TV Sports world champion Toughman by beating dozens of football players and other toughman athletes.

Fox TV did many promotions with him at WWA4. 

A lesson to learn from Hardbody is that if you keep yourself in Tip Top shape you can wrestle and Box and stay famous for many years. 

Also, try to use your brains and learn everything you can about how a promotion works so one day if you stop wrestling you may have the opportunity to run your own promotion.
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