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  Guys and gals who hope to become future students of WWA4
  may email your picture to us as well as your name and a small
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ATLANTA PRO WRESTLING SCHOOL, 4375 COMMERCE DRIVE, ATLANTA, Georgia, 30336, US        phone:  404-667 1484 

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Want to join a professional wrestling school and get into professional wrestling? Then WWA4 Atlanta Pro Wrestling School may be for you. The Atlanta Pro Wrestling School is rated the best wrestling school in the World It is listed among the top professional wrestling schools on, The Rock Says list of pro wrestling schools, DNM, Spinebuster, NWL, Google, Alltheweb, AltaVista, AOL, Yahoo and others. WWA4 Pro Wrestling School in Atlanta teaches men, and women, and has replaced the Power Plant as the largest professional wrestling school in the USA and has brought in dozens of pro wrestlers. In addition WCW, WWE, and TNA are using many wrestling gimmicks from our professional wrestling schools. While other wrestling schools may teach wrestling a few hours a week, WWA4 teaches wrestling,and does wrestling matches almost every day of the week. .
Message to the WWA4 and all who enjoy wrestling. Get ready for a new era of entertainment! I am here to work hard, bust my ass day in and day out and prove to the world that I am one of the most entertaining & talented superstars of all time. I will bring a incredible work ethic, I will never give up and I will shed blood sweat and tears for this. The time has come to make my dream a reality. And that I will do. I will be known as" Hrsaun" (Pronounced: Her-Sawn) & I'm not going anywhere..."BELIEVE THAT" !

My name is Mark Mays actually known as Demolation Man. Im hailing from the         ”circle city” Indianapolis,IN. My main goal is to transform the wrestling game by bringing something original and always keeping my fans in mind. In becoming a fan favorite and succeeding in the wrestling company I hope to bring the three ”S-words” speed, stamina, and strength.
Bonjour my name is Christa and I hail from Sarepta, Louisiana.  I am 24 and ever since I was a small child I have always wanted to get involved in the business but lack of financial funds have been what has been keeping me from going on with my dream.  I am starting to save money and hoping to attend the school within the next year I am excited and ready to learn.  It is in my blood and it is something I have to do.  I am a huge fan of the lucha style and I am totally hoping to perfect it and be best at it! I am dedicated with lots of focus and hope to be there in a jiff!

"A few years ago, myself Dani and Adas met for the first time at a British wrestling training facility, from that day we become best friends and training partners, in and outside of the ring, through-out the years we have trained on and off doing professional wrestling as a hobby, we both come to the realisation that out passion for wrestling was more than a hobby, that's why in November 2012 we are coming to WWA4 for 3 months to dedicate our life's to professional wrestling and give our everything to training and studying in America, we want to make Atlanta our 2nd home, with intent on returning after our first 3 months, we
are driven, passionate and ready to step up our game in the world of professional wrestling"


Dani & Adas.

Hello everyone im luis and I will be.coming to wwa4 in 2012 and when I come there I will be very dominate n I will be a.future wwe.super star I how big you are or how strong you are because I will get.u with an attitude adjustment and u better watch out because luis is comin soon

Hello, My name is Billy Coyle. Wrestling has been apart of my life since the age of two, ever since I can remember I knew its what I wanted to do with my life. I'm not going to be like everyone else who says they are going to be the best wrestler of all time, my main goal in life is to just be in the ring and do what I love. I'll be arriving at WWA4 within the next three - four months to fulfill my dream, see you guys soon.
Hello WWA4 fans get ready to feast your eyes on the sexiest manager to ever step through the ropes!!
Mayhem Diva
Hey I'm Brittony Lyn (ring name the Gothic Knight “Tony Rebel”)! I'm so excited to be joining WWA4. A little bit about me: I'm a Punky Goth girl who has the personalities of both WWE Kane and CM Punk. I like Horror Movies, Gummy Worms and The WWE. I am 5”8” Loved by most and Hated by some. “The Gothic Knight comes DARK not light” so look out!!! :) Favorite WWE Wrestlers: KANE, CM Punk, and Undertaker!!!
WWA4, get ready for the future of sports entertainment. My name is future I'm a 6'2 180 wall I want someone to try to stop me   JW Fanfantic
My name is Andrew Saar.  I am 23 years old and I stand at 5'7", 155lbs.  I hail from Central New York State.  I served with the United States Army and I attended college for Political Science and Paralegal Studies.  However, I was never truly happy doing any of that.  It is quite an honor to be a soldier, but I always felt like I was meant for something more.  I have more drive, passion and determination than anyone else aspiring to make a splash in the world of professional wrestling.  I will be flying down to the wrestling school at WWA4 on July 11th, 2013.  In the meantime, I am committing myself to a year of extensive research into the backgrounds of notorious current and former professional wrestlers, along with fighting styles, techniques and any bit of information that I deem to be vital to surviving and making it big in both the independent, and major professional wrestling circuits.  I am also whipping myself into shape and bulking up big time over the course of the next year.  I WILL BE 185lbs on July 11th 2013, the day I leave for Atlanta.  I say this with great confidence and absolute seriousness, all of you will know my name before this decade is over. 

"The significance of a man is not in what he attains but in what he longs to attain."  -  Kahlil Gibran