Atlanta World Wrestling Alliance &
  Professional Wrestling School of WWA4
Guys and gals who hope to become future students of WWA4
may email your picture to us as well as your name and a small
sentence about  yourself
My name is Adam The Beast Hart. I look to be an entertainer in this industry. I want to be the best. I have wrestled for 11 years and I'm a national champion. I earned #2 in the world and #2 in the State of Ohio. I play football and I'll be playing j.v. football as a freshman. I'm 6"0 and still growing. Any body gets in my way they better look out Because the beast is coming to get them. I will put my life in for this industry and all my life people tell me its to big of a dream to be in the main event I'm here to make my dream come true. My name is Adam The Beast Hart and I'm coming.
Hello WWA4 Fans!!!

My name is Antrone "Da Fireman" Brewer and I am headed to the WWA4! I'm a 5'6 200lb Firefighter fueled by pure FIRE and I'm looking to set someone a blaze. Saving lives has been my passion now its time to end them.  Look out WWA4 cause Da Fireman is coming and its going to be a huge BackDraft when I hit the ring!!!! BE READY!!!!!
Whats going on WWA4 Fans. My name is The Next Best Thing, Frankie Corso and i will be attending the BEST Professional Wrestling School through out THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! YES YOU HEARD RIGHT, THE BEST! and when THE NEXT BEST THING arrives, get READY for domination, i have the Passion, Heart, Dedication, Focus and most of all DETERMINATION to be known as one of the BEST Wrestlers there is. I'm 6'0 220LBS and still GROWING and READY for action! WWA4 better be READY! because The Next Best Thing is going to go through every OBSTACLE that stands in my PATH to SUCCESS! - THE NEXT BEST THING = COMING SOON, BE READY!The Next Best Thing is going to be bigger then what words can describe! Frankie puts the Definition in, Passion, Determination, Dedication, Focus, and most of all Heart.
This is Kyarra Moore,  the FUTURE of women's wrestling and I WILL be changing the look and feel of women's wrestling today. I will learn, perform and execute better than anyone else. I have been watching wrestling my whole life and it's more important to me than anything. I want the pain that comes with this business because that's what makes you grow and I want this so bad. I have no experience, but like I said, I will learn faster. I'm 16 as of now but in the summer of 2012 I will be there in the ring. Whether it's WWE, TNA or wherever in my future.... I just want to wrestle to my hearts desire.
Hector Gomez Delgado

My name is Hector Gomez Delgado (HGD) , I'm from Puerto Rico.

I have 14 years , I will work hard , and do what it takes to be a wrestler.

Hi WWA4 fans,     My name is Alton "Shango" Perdue and I will be joining WWA4. I have no wrestling experience,but I will come to listen, to learn, and to work "VERY" and I do mean "VERY" hard, from the best WWA4 has to offer, and I will not waste my superior's time. I am 5'7 190lbs. I love this more than any sport. IT makes me feel like I'm home. I will put my blood, my sweat,my tears, my dedication, my passion, and My heart and soul. When the time is right to go through rough and hard obstacles in the ring I will put on my face paint and I will go to war to achieve to the top. For me it's a smile on my face but for some it's no laughing matter. soon i'm coming.
Hello WWA4 Fans Present and Future Wrestlers

I am Alexander The Great II, and I want to be a WWA4 student to learn to do pro wrestling so I can wrestle in the Big Leagues and become champion.  I also want to be a fan favorite like John Cena, Jeff Hardy, R.V.D., Rey Mysterio. I know I will have to work hard to became a pro wrestler and I am willing to do so. I'm 16 years old 5'9.5" and 169 lbs By the next time you see me I will be 19 a freshman in college and will have more muscle then I do now.

My name is Walter Delrio Brown "WDB" , Im from Puerto

Rico. My tag team partner is Hector Gomez Delgado

"HGD".All my life I have dreamed of being a basketball

player but when i started watching wrestling at the age of 10

my dream change to be a wrestler.I will do what it takes to

be a wrestler
Sup guys.
You want to know who I am, I know. Well, I'll tell yuh. My name is Evan Joyner, and I'm the best. No wait, I'm better than the best. I'm coming like a storm to wwa4, and like that storm, I'm gonna blow you all away. When I come you better all just stand down because if you don't. Well, lets just say, they better start making your grave in that ring. Thanks for putting me on this page.

Hello my name is The One And Only "The Italian" Louis  Fragiacomo
I have wrestled amateur wrestling in both New Jersey And South Carolina
I look to become an entertainer in this industry.
I know I have what it takes.
I'm willing to do whatever I have to do to become successful in this business
I am a "future force" to be reckoned with in this business
Hello WWA4 Fans, Present,and Future Wrestlers. The name is Zach and i am 16 years of age.  I want to be a WWA4 student to learn to do pro wrestling.  I want to live my dream by Headlining Wrestlemaina or Bound for glory. I have 2 years of experiance of high school wrestling and i have played 2 years of Lacrosse as well. I will do whatever it takes to live my dream, i will give my body, my career and even my life on the line to be a pro wrestler. i will train nonstop and will never give up. 

WWA4 is the best wrestling school in the country and that is why i want to attend this school.
Whats up WWA4!!!!    My Name is Cameron Nellon and i will soon be debuting at WWA4 to make my dream a  reality and that is to become the (Best) wrestler/superstar in WWE or TNA
now i dont have much wrestling experience but i am ready to get all of it i can get so i can
qualify for the big time but anyway yea i will be at wwa4 soon. So All Present and Future WWA4 students u are now put on notice Cameron is Coming and he is coming to TAKE OVER!!!

Name: Robert Carter
About me: I'm a 5'9 225 lb. 18 yr old aspiring to be a professional wrestler. I have worked out since I was in 8th grade. That's when decided I wanted to get in the sports entertainment business. As I got into high school, the question arose of what did I wanna do with my life and the answer was simple. I wanna be a pro wrestler. My favorite wrestlers are Triple H, Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler, and Curt Hennig.

Well, I'm ready for the next journey in my life, and that is to be a success in this industry. Have faith and believe in yourself  and anything is possible...
My name is Maria Garcia a.k.a. Sexy Girl!!!  I'm 16 years old and ready to take on the world!!!  I've been watching wrestling since I was 7 and I've always wanted to become a wrestler.  Watch out because I will be THE BEST!!!

DAVID BENDAHAN: about my self im 5'8 144 in law enforcement doing wrestling since i was 10 loved it since want to become a champion and full fill my dreams as a pro wrestler reside in hollywood fl.
The name is Trae but you need to start referring to me as the greatest and you better watch Out because it wont be very long until I become the greatest thing in this business. I might be Mr. Nice guy in public but when I get in the ring you better believe I turn more vicious than Godzilla. You've been warned. You've been told that I will be the next generation of professional wrestling.
Hey everyone, i'm Ryan Snider and i'm 17. I've been a wrestling fan since I was a young kid. My favorite wrestlers are The Rock, Stone Cold, John Cena, The Undertaker, and Al Snow. I used to live near Al Snow and met him on different occasions. I don't have a lot of wrestling experience, but that will change soon! I will work hard on a daily basis and become the best at what I do. I'm not the one to talk trash without backing it up, so get ready WWA4 because I will make an IMPACT!! THANK YOU WWA4 FOR GIVING ME A CHANCE TO FULFILL MY DREAM AND MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION ON YOUR SCHOOL!

What's happenning WWA4 fans?

My name is Chris "The Ferocious Man Beast" Ransome and I'm ready to make my debut at the best pro wrestling school in America....PERIOD!! I'm 5'8'' and weigh 135lbs and still growing in the process. I wrestled for a year in high school and loved it. This is my passion, whether I  go pro for WWE or TNA. I had many other dreams and still do, but this one is still my dream of dreams to hopefully make come true. I call myself a beast because I feed off off people's fear of getting physical with me, which gives me more intensity than ever. I am willing to learn everything I need to in order to be great at the sport even if I don't actually go to the pros, but maybe for the indies. So WWA4...get ready for the beast 'cause I'm comin' for ya.

The name's Kailey Rogers, I am 15 almost 16 im a future wrestler! In a couple years im going to WWA4 to start my training. If I could I would go now but i cant. Im going to make an impact in the whole wrestling industry. I Cant wait to get into that ring. I know what I want and im going to earn it! Im going to be the best of the best. Not with my looks but with my wrestling abilities and attitude.  Wrestling is wrestling i wanna go somewhere where I can actually wrestle whether its with the wwe, tna, roh, shimmer. Where ever i can wrestle because thats all I want to do.
Hello. I'm Tommy "The Creature" Hawkins.

I have been a fan of wrestling my entire life.

I'm 6'1" and 195 pounds and go through hell and back to become a pro so watch out.

Thanks for serving, Tommy.

My name is ASY- LUM....Ready to rise from 20 years out of the Hell Pit!! My fellow future stars on here talk....

I walk the walk!! It's my time!!! Enough said.~ Believe!!!!

(David Garofalo...." Asy-Lum ")

My name is Xavier "The Bishop" Turner.  I've been a wrestling fan all my life.  I've attended this past Royal Rumble and the last 3 Wrestlemanias and I am going to next years.  I am 6' 1" 315 lbs.  I've played football and wrestled in high school.  I strive to be the best and want to be in the Main Event at Wrestlemania.  As night falls your sight starts to fade until you are helpless and surrounded by darkness. The Bishop is coming so get ready because he can't be stopped.

Future WWA4 students of 2O11 !

My name is Cindy I'm starting in the spring ! Let's show everyone what were made of !

All the people who doubted me are going to be seeing me on TV ! I've loved WWE for awhile now . My fav wrestler is Undertaker , i can't wait to start soon !

-XOXO- Cindy aka CWoww

I'm Ayzali a former member of the U.S Army and a former boxer. In boxing I was a dominate force and in Muay Thai I prove myself over and over again. I'm a trained dancer so I have flexibility on my side also. My favorite wrestlers are Bryan Danielson, Sara Del Rey, Cm Punk, Ayako Hamada and Beth Phoenix. I'm a natural athlete being one of the very few girls on my high school football team.There's nothing holding me back and in 2011, it's my time to step up and prove to everyone else this isn't just a hobby.

>>>> WWA4 BELONGS 2  A$$A$$IN-X!!!

Mr501 is the way it is the way it was

and NOW..

I'm gonna be the way it always will be!


Who am I all you need to know that I am james "The Nightmare" childress and I wanna be a pro wrestler its been my dreamsince ive seen my first pro wrestling match. Winning championships is one thing anyone can do that but I am gonna put my name in the history books and be the first one to end the deadmans streak you laugh now but it will happen and when i come to the wwa4 i will demolish anyone in my way from trying to stop me from my drream i learn quick and pay attention well. Oh and I will put down who ever the champion is when i come because I belong on top and I will make sure I stay there no matter what. So wwa4 get ready in the future cause when i finish school  the nightmare is coming to take his place among the greats and become everyones WORSE NIGHTMARE!!!!

Hi my name is Chad "Rudy" Rudick and I have been a wrestling fan all my life.

I plan on moving to WWA4 February.. so watch out because im coming!!

My name is Aaron Eggers, but you can call me ActionMan Aaron.

I love wrestling so much. My favorite wrestler is Shawn Michaels.

I'm ready to become a wrestler. I'm ready to work, I'm ready to fight, and I'm ready to learn.

I can't wait after college. For now, I have one thing to say, "Get ready for some ACTION!!"
Ahahahahaha! I am 'The Abomination' Larence Reese Jr. My very dream in this world was to be a pro wrestler in the WWE, i have been watching the WWE since i was 6 years old and my favorite wrestlers of all time will always be 'The Great One' The Rock and 'The Phenom' The Undertaker. I am a very dedicated monster and I am always willing to try my best, I am 16 years old, 5'6 and I weigh at 265 lbs and still growing but though i am a bit short, Height does not matter to me. Hahaha, hell you can be the same size as The Great Khali and i'll still wrestle you! I love wrestling more than any other sport in this world and i am willing to sacrifice anything in this world to reach my dream of becoming a pro wrestler. To me, wrestling is not just a sport but a lifestyle, no matter what anyone tells me I will do everything i can to become the Best wrestler in the world and Headline Wrestlemania and end the one person who i have admired my whole Life, 'The Deadman' The Undertaker, I WILL END HIS STREAK at Wrestlemania. HAHAHAHAHA, so everyone better watch their backs because THE ABOMINATION is coming to get YOU HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!                                           

Hey my name is paris johnson.

I live in a small town of seville i am very strong in will power

And just to let you know WWA4




hi im chris and im ready to become the best i can be in and out of the ring.its been a dream of mine since birth. im 16 and i plan to attend ww4a rite after highschool im a freshman this year.

Hey my future followers,

My name Is Taylor Jeffers.

I'm a small town girl living in Colorado. I'v loved wrestling since I was in 6th grade.

I'm hard working, smart and beautiful! I'm ready to stop talking about my dream and start living it!! :) ;D :]

Xoxo  Taylor Jeffers

My name is Anthony Bellah Jr. I am 16 years old and I am from Austin, Texas. I have been a professional wrestling fan all my life and have wanted to be a pro-wrestler for the last 7 years. I love the world of pro-wrestling and am willing to do anything to become a part of it.

This is me Dwayne Ringgold,

I'm 6'0ft and 198lbs.

I'm a team player, a leader, and ready to become a star
my name is dean d cairns from glasgow scotland and would love to be part of your school i am a tattoo artist at the moment but my true dream is to be a wrestler and i am hopeing to be the next big thing in a few years i would be 100% dedacated and put everything i have into my goal of being a wrestler .
hello wwa my name is kid kamikaze,

I will be making my debut this year, I have won every championship in the N.O.W the same organization mr. 501 is in,

When i make my arrival and hit you with my SICK SEDUCTION the WWA4 will have a new champion Kid Kamikaze

I will never give up until I get where I want to go in this case the wwe


Daniel Q Jordan

Carving a giant to storm the professional wrestling world with all heart and no fear! Let there be might!

my names Debra and im a future wwa4 wrestler, i've wanted this since i was about six and the time has almost come for me to go for it. I know im a future womens champion. I may not have the best body but i do have an amazing heart and im going to push myself until i can make my dreams come true.
I am Matt Mattes. I wrestled for 4 years. 2 jv and 2 varsity. made sectionals when i was a senior, As a junior i wrestled thru a separated
shoulder and a torn ligament in the ribs (didnt do well that season).

My team mates told me i had no chance to make it into the wrestling industry and since then i was working out and trying to get in shape for the hard obstacles in front of me.
Heres my bit for the future WWA4 Students Page and Im the Blonde lad at the front of the photo: -
Comming Summer 2011
Whats Up WWA4!
My friends call me Mad Dog or Scrappy Doo.
I'm the all American none American hailing from
Middlesbrough England.
I'm coming to America to learn from the Best to be the
Best! Watch out WWA4 and you best be ready fr the
best damn fight of your Life!
This is me Joe I'm a black belt in karate and cool to hangout with!!  

My name is Larry Boone. I am 19 years old. I am 6'1", and I weigh 320 Lbs. I have been wanting to be a wrestler since I was 3 years old. I watch WWE and TNA every week. I used to watch WCW and ECW. I also watch AAA on Galavision. I am looking foward to coming  to WWA4 and becoming a profesional wrestler.

My Name Is Joe as you know.

I'm planning on joining after I complete college so I can have a job while I'm training with you. I'm playing football in college so i should be in pretty good shape when i get there.

I'm ready to work and impress you and the WWE scouts the the WWE universe. E-mail if you have any questions.
Nathan VanHoose
i am the future WWE champion.

Hey Whats Up WWA4

I am Matt Smith I have been a wrestling fan all of my life i have a yellow belt in karate.

let me tell you a little bit of something im 6'1 weighing at 175lbs. I hail from Salem Oregon and i come to you wwa4 so watch out!!

Hahahahahaha Its The Nightmare here Neal Henry ive been locked away for 20 long years in the darkest parts of hell waiting and now im here to collect all of you poor mortals.

Look out cause The Nightmares coming soon.

Da'Von "SunMan Lloyd

A Future Wrestler

hey im nick kelwaski i sent you a couple of pics of me and one of my brother.

I love to work out and spend a lot of time thinking about your school. i would love to be part of WWA4 my friend justin bailey also applied .

I will show up with him with in a year or two.

Hi, my name is Brad Harris and I'm thinking about joining up with the WWA4 School.  I plan to come into the WWA4 with the Home Schooling CDs already purchased. A little about myself. I was enlisted in the US Army for 4 years as a Chemical Operations Specialist. During that 4 years, I spent 3 years in South Korea as an amateur boxer with a record of 12-3-0 6 KO. I wasn't the best built guy but I knew where to hit em to take em down. I know most people look down on backyard wrestling but I have done backyard wrestling since I was 12 years old and I'm 27 now. I feel as though I am a veteran and yet still a rookie at the same time because of that. I started watching wrestling at the age of 5 and from the moment I watched my first wrestling show I was hooked. I'm 5'6" and I weigh 165lbs.I will spend all the time I can, and I mean all the time I can in the school to make sure that I am the best because I won't except anything less. My goal in my career as a professional wrestler is to be part of every major wrestling company there is before I retire. NJPW,TNA, WWE, ROH, You name it, WWA4 is now my dream spot. I hope that one day I can live my dream.
Hey what's up guys at WWA4. My name's LLoyd Adams (strongly , 18 in July 2011 and  I'm from Toronto, ON Canada. 
I discovered wrestling about grade 3 times, but never in a millions years i though that i wanted to be one. 
World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Action, i see myself a international wrestler. It be a dream to wrestle in front of a worldwide audience and
be known by thousands of people. Most influential wrestlers that caught my attention where, 
The Hart Family, AJ Styles, Chris Jericho (Not Y2J), Benoit, Low Ki, Bret Hart, Dynamite Kid, British Bulldog, Owen, and Sting. 
I mostly pay attention to my home athletes from Canada. I also want to walk their path as well, being the first ''Black Canadian'' Wrestler. 
Hopefully, I'm not the only Canadian coming for WWA4. 
JAYME MELISSA I am 20 years old and live in Washington State and very outgoing and works out up too an hour a day and a vegan so my body is in tip top shape
I have around 10 extra pounds and keeping it off.

I hope you consider me for you school thank-you!

What up wwa4

My name is Terry Freeman aka T-Bone.
I been a wrestler fan since I was little and
at the age of 17 that when I decided I wanted to
become a wrestler and I think my time is now.

I am expecting to come to wwa4 this year and I will make a big impact wwa4 wrestler's  T-Bone is coming .

wwa4, "The Beast" Is coming and this animal can't be stopped! Beast is my wrestling name, but my name is Mason. I look forward to training and wrestling with you guys.

I grew up watching wrestling and my brother and i would wrestle in our parents house.

As I grew up I started wanting to get into pro wrestling, and now I've found the perfect
wrestling school to train at, to succeed my career.
Hey WWA4 Fans,My Names Brennen Collins.I'm 19,And I Weigh 158lbs and I'm 5'6.
Most of you are probably saying to yourselves,"Damn!! hes small" but you have to think to yourselves,there are many great wrestlers who were small.Look at Rey Mysterio he rose up and defied the odds and became world heavy weight champion numerous times,and has headlined Wrestle-mania many times.So dont let the size fool you,I'm filled with dedication and am driven to work and give everything i have to make it,so watch out people because when i get to WWA4,there will be nothing there will be no one there to stop me from accomplishing my dream and rising to the top..
My name is Jade Amaiya Christophe hope to be a future diva of the wwe.

I will do what it takes to make it to the top. I have a great personality, and I wanna be a part of wwa4 so I can show everyone what I can do and prove to the world why the Divas division will be the best.

The Ballin Diva is here to succeed!!!!!
Whats up wwa4 my name is Derek  ive dreamed about being a wrestler pretty much all my life i want to start a tag team and dominate the tag team division im 5'8 150lb a small guy i know but but i bring a mad game.

Some of the greatest wrestlers were little guys like me jeff hardy jimmy superfly snuka ricky the dragon and many more and i will be one of the next great high flying superstars

My name is Kid Dynamite Carlos Cartagena a 6 foot 160 pound wrestler and my hero is the undertaker. i plan to reach the apex of my life & become a wrestler for the wwe/tna.

I vow to be the wwa4 champ & work my hardest to do so. All i can say for now is beware the debut of KD Kid Dynamite cuz he will do whatever it takes to be your future wwa4 champ:)

What's up WWA4, my name is "The Eternal" Ryan Cecere. I am a high-flyer out of New York and I'm 18 years old. My tag team partner is "The Blue Wolf" Loco and we are known as High Risk. Wrestling is my life and all I want to do is live my dream and entertain the fans, and show them high-flying action for spending their hard-earned money to come watch wrestling and show them they didn't waste money on coming.

And I'm one of those people you wont see as a "Heel" wrestler because my character is a fan favorite, "Babyface" ad just isn't that good to be a heel character.

Whats up, this is "The Blue Wolf" Loco. I'm a high-flying, luchador wrestler. I am partners with "The Eternal" Ryan Cecere, in the tag team High Risk.

I'm a fan favorite, and don't back down from anyone or anything. I am the little man with the big heart. I'm 18 years old and willing to step up to the challenge. I love tacos and  I approave of this message!
This is "The Renegade" John Black. I'm a Powerhouse, a badass, and here to kick ass and take names, end of story. I'm 20 years old, turning 21 in July. My character is not here to make friends, basically to get the job done wiht my signature move: The Renegade Douplexxx.

My goal is to rise to the top and become a World Champion. My all time favorite wrestlers are: Stone Cold, The Rock, Kane and RVD. Be ready for me!
What's up WWA4, this is "The Christian Patriot" TayJay, as you can tell by my nickname that I am a hardcore Christian and a hardcore Patriot and I'll be the hardcore wrestler everybody wants to see. Next year I'll be coming to the WWA4 in hopes to become one of THE BEST that the professional wrestling industry has ever, ever seen. I have heard from people that I won't be able to do that but with the help from the good Lord himself and through my dedication, my determination, and most importantly my passion, I will prove each and every one of them wrong, I will become World Champion someday. The person who inspires me to become a pro wrestler is the late great Eddie Guerrero. Now, WWA4 wrestlers, I can be an all around nice, friendly, and funny guy to know but if you piss me off, then you better be on your knees praying to God that I don't kick your ass all over the United States of America! See ya soon.

Hey guys, the name is Dylan Currie-Davis, a.k.a Smasher.
I'm more of a power house than anything, but I am very athletic
for a big guy. I'm a football player, thrower in Track, and I wrestle in indies right now. I'm 17, 5'9 240 pounds, I'm experienced in the ring and ready for the big time! WWA4 here I come!

Frankie Poffo

Hey Frank, how are you? It's Frankie from a while back ago, i have a new picture i would like for you to put up on the future students page.

When ever you have the time to do so of course. Hope all is well, hope you had a wonderful New Year. See you soon. God Bless