Atlanta World Wrestling Alliance &
  Professional Wrestling School of WWA4
      FUTURE WWA4 STUDENTS page 2.
Guys and gals who hope to become future students of WWA4
may email your picture to us as well as your name and a small
sentence about  yourself
What's up wwa4 fans, this is Richard "Scott" Pugh, I will be in wwa4 very shortly to begin my dream, along friends Ryan Cecere, Matt loco Montoya and john black in the backyard wrestling world, it became time where it was enough of fun and games and it was time to step it up and become serious. With 2 devastating finishing moves, The Bloodshot and The Dead Level, i will be in wwa4 for one purpose and thats to live the dream of becoming a professional wrestler. being 16 years old, 6'3 ft tall and weighing 160 lbs gives me a height advantage over most others. I cant wait to begin my journey into becoming a professional wrestler.

My name is Corey"The Headliner"Gates and I'm from New Orleans,LA.

I am 5'6 195Ibs and I'm ready to show the world what I'm about!!!

My favorite wrestler is "The Rated R Super Star" Edge. WWA4 I'll see you soon!!!!!!
Hey wwa4 my name is Afonso Cabral de Almeida but you can call me Ace

I am from Porto Portugal and I want to be the first Portuguese WWE champion in history.

Ola, Ace

My Name is Michael Earle. I am 19 and am from Barryton, MI.

I've been watching and aspiring to be a professional wrestler since I was about 6 years old. I plan to start either after I graduate from the Culinary Institute of America, or when I start at SAE Institute in Atlanta.

I am very excited to start and almost don't want to wait.

My name is Casey Gibson. I am 17 years old from Crossville TN, my dream is to make it in the world wrestling entertainment business and that is what I'm going to accomplish. I am a very confident and determined athlete that does anything necessary to become the best. I look forward to the long road to success.
I am  Max Alfiero-Henrikz with a swedish father and  italian mother born in sweden and, at age of 9 i started training kyokoshinkai karate. Later i moved on to kung fu and ninjutsu. I also did backyard wrestling since age 10. After having long experience in martial arts like systema, ninjutsu, karate, kung fu, military defence, weaponfighting etc. I have understod that pro wrestling is my life passion. Specialy watching lucha libre wrestling.

But trust me, i will train EVERY day that you offer me, the entire day is perfect.
I will pay with paypal.

Justin Chaney is coming to train

hard , and go places.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Shawna Harkendorff is the name and being Number One is the game.

Some people call me intelligent, successful, beautiful, sassy, diva, mean green, strong, and being an amazing mom. I’ve been a wrestling fan since as far as I can remember which makes this dream become closer to reality.

I can’t wait to prove to everyone that this sassy mama is ready to rumble!


Hello everybody my name is Hamzah Alhalal, and i'm from Saudi Arabia
wrestling is my number one in my life, i feel like the ring is my second home to me
so that's why i will be here
i have though about my ring name, and i think it will be The Arabian Assassin ( Pain Is My Game )
and mark my word I will be the first youngest Middle Eastern who become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion
hope to see everyone soon and good luck to everyone

" My name is Mike Hutton and with only 20 months of military servive left with the USAF I will soon enough join the ranks of WWA4. For those of you who may be interested I dont plan on coming to WWA4 with the idea of only training, I plan to bring more attention to the WWA4 as a whole. Trust me when I say certain things there may never be the same again.

My work ethic is through the roof and my ability to wrestle will grow in time as I attend.

I am in a ready mental state of learning and I will retain all the information given to me by WWA4."
Hello Everyone.  My name is Bobby Parrish. I am 25 years old. I tower over you at 6ft 6in tall and weigh 265lbs.  I am what the WWE would call a big man.  As you can see by my pic I am a future World Heavyweight Champ.  I work in construction and do hard work and heavy lifting.  I am in great shape and ready to destroy all the competition that comes my way.  Beautiful Bobby Studd is the future of professional wrestling.


I'm Trixielicious, and I'm the One Girl Rock Band hailing from Birmingham, AL! Also known in my group as "The Female Heath Slater" for my red hair, southern rock star attitude and my love for partying & having a good time! While wrestling school was never something I thought about as a career choice in the past, the door has now been opened to me and I'm willing to listen, learn and blow your minds, again! Hope to see you all very, very soon! XoXo!

My name is J. Rich and I'm 26 out of Atlanta Georgia. Ready to take the wrestling world by storm.

Not in it for the money but for the love of the sport and this business.

And if you don't like that then, I guess we have some issues...Are you ready?

Hey y'all we're southern style a.k.a Hunter Shelley and Lauren Bell.  We're the next wwe superstars. we're from the south and we know how to work hard for what we want!!!!! were not afraid to do whatever it takes to get were we want to go!!!!!
Hey im Lauren bell a.k.a Bama girl. I have a first degree black belt in  karate   which proves i'm not scared of getting hurt. I know how to deal with pain that comes with succeding your goals, and i will work through all the blood ,sweat ,and tears. The wwe is a new love for me and i can't wait to atend your school.
Well I'm 25 years old and my name is Kyle McKitrick and I am about 5'10 and  weigh about 260. Pounds I will like to join because its always been my dream to become professional wrestler and I like for 3 year's training and I will like to have a roommate when I join the program
OK. You'll have a room mate

I am Tyler Walker I am 18 years old and I am going to be joining wwa4 as soon as I save up the money.

I am 5'11 150lbs I am ready to do whatever it takes to be a professional wrestler.

My ultimate goal is to one day be the Intercontinental Champion.
Whats up wwa4 im Khris im 20 yrs old im 6'1 and being a wrestler has been my dream ever since i saw "The Icon" STING on wcw when i was a child and the doors are opening up for me to make my dream a reality and soon i will arrive at wwa4 to begin the journey to become a pro wrestler i cant wait see ya in the future.
im Jordan Nania  im 5"5 145lbs been lifting for 2 1/2 year  dark skined  love watching wwe

its been my dream to become a wwe super since i was 6 years old prove all my friends wrong that i can accomplish anything i put my mind to

I'm Jon Krebs. I'm 6"0 165lbs  from Pittsburgh,PA 

I am A Huge WWE Fan I've been watching since i was born and I wanted To become a wwe superstar since i was 5

I am very ENTERTAINING. I have good people skills, i've been lifting for 2 years with my friend & i've wrestled in school every year for 3 years

My name is Candy

I'm a young independent women i have a great personality and I'm always smiling i have a good head on my shoulders and  I'm very motivated on achieving my goals.

And  one day that will include becoming a wrestler .

My name is Jeram.
Wrestling is all I have ever been able to see myself doing with my life.

This passion will never waiver, and once I get the chance, I will make more of it than anyone could ever dream of.

I am the future of professional wrestling!