1  E-mail Frank about a month before you plan to arrive. 
2  E-mail address is
3  Phone # is  404 667 1484 & ask for Frank

YOU MAY BRING A FRIEND: A good way to save money is to move to Atlanta with a friend and share expenses. Your friend will always be welcome in the school to watch you train.

WRESTLER HOTEL is RED ROOF INN is located at 4430 Fredrick is located at 4430 Fredrick Dr. SW, Atlanta Ga.30336

It is a one block walk from WWA4 .

A ROOM WITH 1 or 2 ROOM MATES costs $105 per week per person.

A PRIVATE ROOM costs $210 per week per person.

A ROOM WITH 3 PEOPLE costs $294 per week

Each ROOM has 3 queen size beds, bathroom, TV, WiFi and the cost of utilities & everything else is included in the price.

It is on the MARTA bus line so you can get around Atlanta.
(See "Wrestler Inn" page for details) 

JOBS: Atlanta has 1,000s of jobs. They usually pay between $7 an $15 per hour. Jobs as a manager or professional may pay higher rates. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution and other papers list thousands of jobs. It is always a good policy to make sure you bring enough money to live here a month or two or three until you can get a job you like.


JOB TRANSFERS: If you work for a big company (eg. Home Depot, Cosco, Kroger, Walmart), it may have a program that will allow you to transfer.

YOU WILL HAVE PLENTY OF TIME FOR A JOB because your training will be between 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. Training time varies on Friday & Saturday but is usually at 3 PM to 7 PM.  You can train one, two, three or four evenings per week, or none. It's up to you.

COST OF LIVINGIN ATLANTA: is lower than most other cities.

FOOD COST: Is low in Georgia because there is a constant price war. For example Walmart sells a can of Tuna Fish for under $1.00. and loaves of bread for $1.50

AIR TRAVEL to Atlanta is inexpensive if you look for BARGAINS on the Web.  Sometimes you can find much cheaper prices if your family drives you to another city. Planes that have 1 or more stops are less expensive. Cheaper prices are also available from Airlines that operate from other countries. Air Tran,  and Southwest almost always have very low fares.  Also try Price Line and all the other discounters.  If you don't care what day you arrive, and are willing to book the flight in advance there are discounters that can get you a really inexpensive fare.

GREYHOUND BUS: You can take a greyhound bus to Atlanta from almost anywhere in the US for $100 or less.  So check all the web sites for deals.
Greyhound has several stops in Atlanta so make sure you go to the station on FORSYTH STREET.

MEGABUS: Operates from many cities and can cost as little as $10 per trip. Check

SOUTHWEST.COM Usually has the lowest fares BUT you MUST book on their own website:

PICK-UP AT AIRPORT OR BUS OR TRAIN: You can get a cab to the hotel for about $20.

COLLEGE & TRADE SCHOOL EDUCATION: Atlanta has many excellent colleges & trade schools. See our Colleges page for information.

Federal Scholarship information is at:

AFTER YOU LEAVE WWA4 you may continue to use our facilities including the gym and rings and weight room.

PLACES TO LIVE:   In addition to the Wrestler Hotel, Atlanta is a large place with many suburbs and many places to live.  It is best to get here before you pick a location so you won't be too far away and can pick a place and location you like.

CLOSE NEIGHBORHOODS: When you are looking for places to live the areas close by include the towns of Mableton, Smyrna, Lithia Springs, Douglasville, College Park, Austell, Powder Springs, and Vinings. You will need a car for these areas.

APARTMENTS: with Bedroom, Living room, kitchen and bath for $650 per month and up plus you would pay for TV, Phone and utilities which you can figure at another $150 per month. Most will require credit checks and deposits. You can find thousands on the web sites: and

WWA4's AREA OF TOWN: The school is on the West side of Atlanta, close to the Fulton Industrial Boulevard exit (EXIT 49) on I - 20. It is one exit West of I - 285 and one exit East of Six Flags.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: If you don't have a car the best place to live in Atlanta is the Wrestler Hotel or near a Marta station so you can take public transportation to the school and to jobs.

JOBS FOR WWA4 STUDENT WRESTLERS:  Many WWA4 students have a job to pay their living expenses.

That’s why our training hours are from 5:00 PM to 9 PM Monday through Thursday. It gives you all day & weekends for a job.

BETTER EDUCATION equals better jobs. So don’t quit High school or College or Trade School.

RAIL & BUS: If you don’t have a car you can use MARTA Rail and Busses. The # 73 bus stops at the wrestler lodge and school and connects with the rail that goes into the city. Cost for a 30 day MARTA pass is $52.50 Marta will get you to many jobs in Atlanta, Fulton County and Dekalb County

CARS: are faster & easier to get around, & you can get to a lot more jobs if you have a car. In addition to Atlanta, Fulton County and DeKalb County you will be able to look for many jobs in Cobb County and Douglas County.

FIGURE ABOUT 30 to 60 DAYS or more for you to get a job and start getting paid. So bring at least enough money to live 60 days until you get paid.

TRANSFER from your company at home to a branch in Metro Atlanta. The internet will show locations of these branches.

WALK IN: 99% of jobs are achieved by walking in and asking. Most companies will not give you a job by mail or phone or internet or newspaper, though that's a good way to make an initial search and it doesn’t hurt to try.

IT’S A HIT OR MISS GAME: If you don’t have a trade, this is how it works. If you walk in today and a job is available you might get it. If you walk in tomorrow you may have missed out because somebody else got the job today. So the trick is to go out every day and ask as many companies as possible. People who make a lot of visits get jobs. People who don’t make a lot of visits don’t.

Because of WWA4, WCW & NWA, and since wrestling laws are so favorable, in Georgia, thousands of wrestlers live in Georgia.  You will see them at WWA4,  Gyms, Restaurants and stores around the area.
Another reason is that Atlanta has the busiest airport in the World so stars can easily fly back and forth to WWE, TNA and other shows.
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