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PAUL ORNDORF is one of the most famous professional wrestlers off all time.

After hitting the top in WWF (WWE) he shifted to WCW in Georgia along with Hulk Hogan, Nash, Razor Ramon and other super stars.

WCW also purchased the PowerPlant which was one of the premier training facilities in America.

WWA4 (Then known as Good Ol' Days Wrestling) was the preimer wrestling venue running shows with 500 to 1000 fans
as well as training.
Paul Orndorf sent all of the young students at the WCW PowerPlant to wrestle at WWA4 shows.

He said that he'd rather they make their mistakes in front of our 500 fans so the wouldn't make them in front of his 5,000,000 fans.

He also said a wrestler had to do a spot 500 times until he did it as second nature and without even thinking.

The point is that if you have to pause, even momentarily, to think of what you are going to do it can make the match look very bad and amaturish and very fake.

That is why WWE insists that a candidate has lots of schooling and lots of experience before they will even look at him.

And the amount of training and experience are two of the main reasons that WWA4 students do so well.
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