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GLACIER wrestled against Mortis (Kanyon) and all the other super stars at WCW.

But WCW owned Glacier's name and Gimmick so that when WWE bought WCW they also became the owners of the name and gimmick.

So, when Glacier left WCW he had the problem of not being able to use the name and character that he made famous. 

That meant that when Glacier did shows for Dusty Rhodes' promotion and other promotions he could not use his own name.

An important lesson that is to the extent that you can, you should use you own name or a name you own.
Of course, if Vince McMahon wants you to use one of his gimmicks, you usually have two choices. Do what he he says, and do it eagerly, or you are likely to be shown the door.

100's of WCW wrestlers and employees were at every one of our Good Ol' Days shows.

We'd do a new story line or gimmick and they would "swipe it" & put it on Monday Nitro two weeks later.

One of Glaciers students had a great name and when he went to WCW it was stolen on the first day.

As for Glacier the name and Gimmick were owned by WCW and transferred to WWE.

It took several years before Glacier could get WWE to give him a release to use his own name.

The moral of this story is if you don't own you wrestling name and your gimmick somebody else may snatch it away. That's true in wrestling and every other business.
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