Jonathan Gresham Is performing all over Europe an is returning to Europe for another 3 month tour. He is also a CHAMPION of Booker Ts.
This kind of dedication is what it takes to make it in the big leagues. Jonathan was voted Best Wrestler in Georgia in 2006.
  Atlanta World Wrestling Alliance &
  Professional Wrestling School of WWA4
WRESTLING NAME: Jonathan Gresham

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5’ 5” 162 lbs
AGE: 22


        MONTHS:ABOUT 300

WRESTLING STYLES: Lucha, British Mat Technician, Hard Striker

FAVORITE MOVES: Polish Hammer, Snap Stunner, Standing Shooting Starr Press

FINISHING MOVES: Gresham Driver, Tap out express, and Shooting starr press


BELTS WON: WWA4 Tag Team, Cruiserweight
  BOOKER T's World Champ and many others.
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Exklusivinterview mit Jonathan Gresham
When did you get in contact with wrestling for the first time? If you were a fan, how did the transition into a wrestler occur?
I saw my first wrestling match around the age of 8. So I decided to get into amateur wrestling thinking if I do well I would get a shot at the professional ranks one day. I mean it did make since at that time, that's how it works in Football, Basketball and other pro sports. So I amateur wrestled from that age till around 17. During that period I managed to win a few championships here and their also. In time I learned that I had to join a Professional Wrestling School. That's when I found WWA4.

Who were your favourite wrestlers when you were young?
The first wrestler I really liked was Bam Bam Bigelow. I can remember I liked him because he was a big dude and did cool moves, wanted to be just like him. But the more I watched the more I started enjoying others like Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Jushin Thunder Liger and Rey Mysterio. Which became my favorite workers and remain till this day.

If I'm correct you we're trained by Mr. Hughes. Tell us about your experiences and what you think about the training in retrospect.
Yes, that's correct. I was trained by Mr. Hughes. I have learned a lot from Hughes, not just in the ring, but life lessons as well. Training with Hughes I can't say was easy, but I just kind of fell into place with all the carido work and drills he had us doing. I think amateur wrestling had me mostly prepared for the hardest parts.WWA4 trains four days a week, every week. And I think that's how you get better. Its pure repetition and muscle memory when you think about it. It's defiantly necessary for anyone remotely serious about wrestling to train as much as possible.

Did you train with other wrestlers we might know?
I had the pleasure of coming up in the business with a lot of good guys im sure you know. The Hooligans [2], Bill the Butcher, AR Fox, Heath Miller now known as Heath Slater in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Have you ever thought about choosing MMA over wrestling?
No, I enjoy watching MMA. But my passion is Pro wrestling.

You started wrestling in 2005 at the age of 16. Tell us something about your very first match.
My very first match was a exciting day for me. It took place in Douglasville, GA in deer lake park. I wrestled current WWE Wrestler Heath Slater. But back then he was known as Heath "The
Thriller" Miller.The night before the match I couldn't sleep. I knew my friends and family were going to be their and I wanted them to enjoy the day as much as I was going to. They were all behind me in my efforts to pull off any and all of Rey Mysterio's moves, LOL. But in the end I lost the match and all the wrestlers and people that showed up to the show enjoyed a couple of Rocky King's left over chilly dogs.

Looking back at the first five years of your career, what matches and experiences stand out the most to you?
The first experience was extremely cool and it was a pleasure to meet Eddie "Umaga" Fatu. We only ran into each other a couple of times in Houston, Tx. I listened to his advice on a lot of things which I still use to this day. Second I would have to say having the opportunity to wrestle in Europe and Mexico. I doubt I would have been to any of these places if it wasn't for wrestling.

You wrestled for Booker T's PWA in Texas. How did you get around wrestling for them and any memories about that time?
PWA brings back great memories. One good Memory from PWA is when I won the company's Championship, the PWA Heavyweight Title. There I learned how to be a champion, and also how hard it is to remain a champion. I was able to listen, watch and learn from some of the most successful wrestlers in the business while I was working their.

I've never seen you wrestle als Hero Tiger. Tell us something about the gimmick. If I know correctly, you used the gimmick in 2010 at Irish Whip Wrestling. Why do you use to different gimmicks at the same time?
Ive always liked the lucha libre style of wrestling. I also believe it is important to know. Ive always wanted to be the best at what I do. the only way to do that is to learn as much as you can. Knowledge is power. In 2008 I decided to learn lucha libre. I had the opportunity to learn
lucha libre from Luchadors Black Panther, Ring Dragon and a fellow WWA4 Alumni Amien Rios. In 2008 I decided I would don a mask and be Hero Tiger, to get the full effect of being a luchador of course. After the tour in Irish Whip Wrestling I dropped the character to focus more other styles.

In 2009 you started working for Ian Rotten. Any stories about Ian or IWA Mid-South?
Yes, IWA Mid-South brings back the memories of some of the hardest fought matches in my opinion ive currently had. Here I feel I learned or should I say I was more so thrown into learning how to step it up. With matches against guys like Colt Cabana, Jimmy Jacobs, Drake Younger and Tyler Black and other great Junior Heavyweight wrestlers in the Chicago area.

In the last year you've become a regular for Combat Zone Wrestling. What do you think of the promotion and their style- especially the Junior Heavyweight Division?
Combat Zone Wrestling is a company I never saw myself working for. But now I can't see myself not working for CZW. I have learned more about the wrestling business as a whole here more than anywhere else. That experience is priceless to me. The style of CZW is a mixed one defiantly when you talk about it's Junior Division. Its so many young hungry guys from different walks of life with different influences like myself in this division. All trying to prove one point. And that is that they are the Best of the Best! I believe some of the best wrestlers in the world are right here in CZW. And I stay for that reason and to better myself. CZW is defiantly a company to look
out for in 2011.

At the Season Finale you had your first shot at CHIKARA and in the last weeks we have seen some videos with you and the Osirian Portal. Obviously this will lead to some trios action. Do you prefer to wrestle on your own or in a team and why?
Funny you should ask this, I now remember back in the day playing Nintendo 64's No mercy with my little brother. We always said we would be a tag team, and dominate the tag division's. But things change and people change. I have always been a team player, and the opportunity to Team up with the Osirian Portal is going give me a crash course on what I have been missing, so I am defiantly looking forward to the action of the trios!

And now on to the truth, why is Jonathan Gresham a perfect fit for the Osirian Portal? Any Egyptians in your family? ;)
No......but I have the natural FUNK! That's why it worked. You didn't see the
sweet dance moves and Funkatude (Verbage) I have. Check it out at

In the last year you had the chance to wrestle in a variety of european countries. What are the main differences between wrestling in Europe compared to the USA?
Well it really depends on where you are. Pro wrestling for the most part is still kind of undeveloped in some parts of Europe. Some parts don't even know Independent wrestling exists. But on the up side, is the Euro style of wrestling which I have to say I enjoy using most. And last are the European fans of Independent wrestling I have to say are by far my favorite to perform in front of.

When CZW came to Germany you were part of the trip. What do you think of the atmosphere in the german arena?
Oh, it was intense! It was insane! I mean I loved it. They truly love wrestling, they are so passionate about the matches and what happens in them. Hands down one of my favorite arenas.

What are you looking for in 2011?
Winning CZW's Best of the Best tournament and going on to capture the CZW Junior Heavyweight Title. You better put your money on me!

What is your longtime plan? Are you planning to stay in the business and maybe making it to WWE or Japan?
Yes I plan on wrestling as long as the good lord allows me to. My goal has always been to gain a contract in Japan.

Who would you most like to wrestle (alive or deceased)?
Ikuto Hidaka

Is there anything left you want to say to your fans over here in Germany?
Thank you for all your support, and I will see you again this year!