WWE is the top in Professional Wrestling
You are new and at the bottom.

It doesn’t matter WHO you are.  You CAN’T go from WORST to FIRST in one step. 
So, while your target may be World Champion, you must break it into
intermediate steps:
Here’s an example of the steps to start right now:
1. I will study every thing about Wrestling by WWA4
2. I will watch WWA4 Youtubes
3. I will watch WWE and tape matches ( if I can ) for later study.
4. I will do the best I can in every class in school.  - Important whether I
wrestle or not!
5. I will Build my vocabulary - with "Word Power Made Easy" and the Thesaurus and dictionary every day for 30 to 45 minutes.
6. I will Immediately quit all swear words. It is too easy to say, "F---ing" instead of using real words. If you don’t use swear words and slang it forces you to learn and use real words.
7. When old enough I will get the best jobs I can to learn how to take instructions
and do well.
8. Save money. Save money. Save money.
9. Be polite: Say yes sir, no sir, yes ma'am, no ma'am, thank you, and please. It will work wonders.
10. Be respectful. Don’t interrupt. Listen carefully. Hear and understand everything the other person is saying before you start framing your answer.
11. If I smoke, chew, do alcohol or drugs - I will quit & never do it again.
12. If a friend tries to get me to do it, tell him you have a chance for a big scholarship but they do drug, smoke and alcohol tests, and if you do anything, you will blow it. If he says there are ways to beat the tests. Just say NO.
13. Quit junk food. No soft drinks, candy, cakes, fries, burgers, or sweet cereal.
14. Cut down on salt.
15. When I feel like a snack i'll eat a piece of fruit.
16. Don’t eat in McDonalds or any other junk food place.
17. Don’t get pregnant or get anybody pregnant.
18. Join the youth programs in a church or Scouts, or Boys and Girls club in your area with the biggest youth group. We’re not trying to give you religion. We are just trying to get you some friends who are most likely to have the fewest bad habits.
19. Start or continue a body building program. There are suggestions in our Home School CDs.
20. Check your doctor to make sure you are capable of strenuous physical activity.
21. Add anything else you can think of. Get suggestions from your parents or minister or Rabbi.
22. Never be late for an appointment with anybody. It is one of the worst kinds of disrespect.
23. If you have other suggestions for this manual please e-mail them to
WWA4@aol.com and if they fit we will include them in the next edition
and give you credit.

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