Wrestling Trainers
We know that without high quality trainers, a wrestling school just can't deliver what you need. The training staff at WWA4 is the best in the business. They've devoted their lives to the art of wrestling and are ready to teach you everything you need to know to make it to the big time.

Our training staff includes Mr. Hughes, Elix Skipper Mark Jindrak, Rocky King, and Frank Aldridge. WWA4 is where many of today's  WWE, TNA, and WCW stars got their start. Our trainers are tough and they know the business, but they also make sure that you have fun, stay safe, and get a fair and balanced picture of everything you need to know--not just the moves!

WWA4's trainers are known all over the world. Mr. Hughes, and Elix Skipper who have worked with the WWE, WWF, ECW, TNA and Japanese wrestling promotions, train our students on how to become wrestling superstars. A Japanese camera crew from the largest station in Japan recently filmed at WWA4! MTV, CBS, FOX and ABC are a few of the major networks that have featured our students on TV specials and reports!

We are also lucky to host some great guest trainers. We're in Atlanta, and celebrity wrestlers often come by to see us, train and keep in shape while they're in town, and offer advice--occasionally they offer complete training sessions. We foster a creative and supportive environment, so you should never hesitate to ask anyone working here to help you out or show you something--your training is an opportunity that you should make the most of!

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