DreamCloud Mattress- Does it Work?

Free your mind

There are relaxation techniques to employ throughout the day to prepare you for better sleep at night. Try deep breathing and make it slow, deeper and while closing your eyes. Progressive muscle relaxation by starting with your toes, then tense all the muscles very tightly and relax. You can decide to visualize a restful and peaceful space by closing your eyes and drifting to an imaginary land and concentrate on relaxing.

Some people have developed bedtime rituals that help them to relax by doing a few things norms for a few minutes. Some decide to read a magazine or a book by a soft light, listen to soft music, doing easy stretches, taking a warm scented bath, do a favorite hobby, listen to taped books or do simple preparations for the following day like getting clothes, shoes, and jewelry ready.

Avoid drinking liquids just before bedtime.

A condition called nocturia is when an individual has excessive urination especially at night and waking up to go, and pee will negatively affect your sleep quality. This, however, will determine with your sensitivity. Those who are profoundly affected should avoid taking fluids before bedtime hours to counter nocturia. Ensure you use the washroom before retiring to bed to reduce the chances of waking up often at night.

Get comfy while in bed.

The relaxing environment once set right your mattress, bed, bedding, and pillow are things to look into for better sleep. A good mattress should not be too hard to cause back pain or bed sores or discomfort while sleeping. Ensure you turn your mattress time after time to allow it to wear out evenly. The quality of your pillows will dictate if your sleep will be peaceful or not. The filling should be of high-grade fiber to make it soft and comfy to use. This will reduce the risk of getting stiff necks. Your sheets and blankets should be clean from any dirt and dust that can trigger allergic reactions.